The Vision of Cora's House

In January 2006, I went to Peru with Evangelist Tommy Combs and a team of ministers.  We visited three cities in Peru, the last one being Iquitos (located on the Amazon River).  Iquitos is a very large jungle city with a population of around 400,000.  A beautiful, colorful city with a diverse mix of poverty and prosperity.

It was the last night of our three night crusade and the service went later than usual.  We all wanted to go for dinner and then decided to walk back to our hotel.  Our walk would take us through Plaza de Armas, a square of beauty and action with so much going on nightly.  It is there that Mr. Eifel built the "steel building" that housed gifts and souveniers.  It was very late (close to midnight) as we walked through the streets, and there were so many little children out...some alone.  I asked our translator why these children were out so late alone and he replied that their parents were somewhere close by and they were ok.  But, I would later learn that many of these children were alone and lived alone on the streets...some were taken in by older children who had been there on their own for a long time.  As we walked by the steel building, there to my horor was two mothers with their children and they were putting their babies to bed on the cold, hard concrete!  It was in the door thresholds that they put down an thin piece of cloth and then laid the children (a couple of them infants) down and then the mother would pull her knees up to herself and put her head down to sleep.  This scene was one that I will never get out of my heart cracked that night...all I could do was cry and ask God "why"?  What did that mama do during the night when that baby needed a diaper change...oh wait, that's right...they didn't have diapers.  What happens when a child awakes crying because they have fever or pain??  I had so many unanswered questions...but the main question I had as I felt an almost anger for my Heavenly Father....was "why did You allow me to see this when I can do nothing about it?"  And then He showed me what He wanted me to do...I saw a large building with many rooms, many mothers and children, a daycare center for the babies, Training Classroom for the mother's to learn the basic education and a skill so that they could support themselves and their children, and classrooms for the children who had never attended school.

I had many arguments with Him that was that I am a woman and that He should give this vision to a man who can get it done...His reply to me was that I am the one He has chosen.  Then I said, "this is too big for me" and He replied, "but it is not too big for Me"...I gave Him a good fight...but in the end He won.  So I surrendered and in 2007, Resurrection Faith Ministries was formed and that year I returned to Iquitos with five other women (all chosen by God) and we began the work to see this vision come to life.  

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