Preparing for Cora's House

The land is being cleared with machete's, by workers from Cabo Lopez.

The Foundation for Cora's House

Foundation for the first home. The concrete posts are 4' in the ground and 4' out. This house will be for the mother's and children. Our plans include another house that will be for the orphans and the third building will be the kitchen, dining, training center and activity room.

The Well

We had a missionary from America who goes all around the country of Peru building wells for fresh water. He heard about our farm and came to us wanting to put in a well for free as part of his ministry. We agreed because we need fresh water for the people living on our farm. He drilled the well and finished it with a pump. We soon found that the water was no good on the land, too much sulfur and is not safe to drink...but it can be used for bathing and washing clothes. The village of Cabo Lopez where the farm is located, is getting piped for "City Water" and we will be able to run it to our farm in the near future.