Shekinah Glory Farm

How it Began!


The City of Belen saw the problem, prayed to God for help and God sent Resurrection Faith Ministries. In February 2008, we met with Officials and they gave us 12 beautiful acres of land that they said they had kept for "just the right people". They had actually already promised the land to another group who said they would farm the land and make it productive...but they never even cut the grass. When we presented our need to the Officials, they knew what to do, they took back the land and gave it to us. Everything done here is a miracle from God. First, you have to know that very few women own land in Iquitos and land owners are few in general. When the Officials gave this land to this ministry, they had stipulations: 1. We must farm the land, 2. We must do as we promised and make a home for the homeless mother's and children, 3. We would immediately begin work on the property. We did begin immediately, with only a few dollars in the bank...we began clearing the land. Hired workers and bought fencing to go around the perimeter. We now have a family living on the farm, working the land, growing beans, rice, camu camu trees, other fruit trees and vegetables, have few chickens and ducks. Our future plans are to have a fish farm and hog farm to help support the farm. We will sell our fruits and vegetables in the market and one day the farm will be self-sufficient.