The Vision

The Night that changed my life


It was the last night of our mission to Peru. We had been in Iquitos for three days holding Crusades each night and conferences in the day. The meeting went later that night and we went out to eat afterwards we decided to walk the 5 blocks to our Hotel. It was after midnight and there were children as young as 4 and 5 years of age, just playing in the street alone without any adult supervision. When we asked why, we were told that they were homeless. As we walked the streets of the city, we passed two mothers who were putting their babies to bed inside the threshold of the closed doorways. It was so sad to watch them put them down on a thin piece of fabric and then they would sit in front of them to protect them. I hardly slept tha night, mostly cried and prayed. The morning came and I still had the picture in my mind of these women and children. I cried out to God; " Why, Why...did You allow me to see this when I can do nothing about it?" Then He gave me the Vision: A home for these women, with a daycare for their children, a training center to teach the mother's basic education and to train them for work, and a school for the children. I said to the Lord that this was too big for me, but He said it is not too big for Him. I said I am only one person and He said He only needs one person, someone to work through. Thus began the journey of a lifetime, a journey that will only be completed when this Home is completed and these women and children are safe and secure.